Dr Adam Jeff

Dr Adam Jeff, Group Leader for Beam Diagnostics at A.D.A.M., Geneva

Between 2009 and 2012, I was a Marie Curie fellow based in the Beam Instrumentation group at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory outside Geneva. As part of the team running the synchrotron radiation monitors for the LHC, I was involved in the commissioning and operation of these instruments. In particular, I was responsible for the development of a novel Longitudinal Density Monitor which uses single photon counting to longitudinally profile the LHC beams with a very high dynamic range. Thanks to the Marie Curie programme, I was not only able to carry out my studies in such an inspiring environment as CERN, but also to publicise my work by attending conferences and to gain different perspectives by being part of an international network. After completing my Marie Curie fellowship and my PhD, I stayed on at CERN for a further 3 years to work on the CLIC project. I am now a research physicist working on advanced diagnostics techniques for particle accelerators. As the group leader for beam diagnostics at the medical accelerator start-up A.D.A.M., I work at the nexus between research and implementation. This exciting role involves developing and streamlining beam instrumentation for an advanced linear accelerator, with the goal of saving lives by bringing proton therapy to a wider market.